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These Times Of Ash is a story about you, a 1960's business man. You play one month at a time with the goal to become the largest landlord tycoon in town. However not all is sunshine and rainbows. You will be forced to make difficult decisions between moral based problems. Do you decide to shut down your businesses during the weekend of JFK's assignation as a sign of respect? Or do you force your workers to come in because you might not have enough money to feed your family?

How you will build your tycoon? Which shade of grey will you be painted on the moral spectrum? 

This game is for the Pizza Jam. The theme was movement. We took a different approach than most people. Instead of having say, a platformer with moving parts, we wanted to make a game about being a landlord where tenants move in and out. Cashflow in and out. Movement.

Install instructions

Unzip the zip file. Place onto desktop. Click and run executable.


TheseTimesOfAsh_Game.zip 265 MB


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Can you please post a Credits information on the itch page or a Devlog? I know you used the Saigon 1971 asset, which looks fantastic. i'm interested in what FPS/character controller you used and whether you like it. I'm trying to decide between UFPS and others on the Unity asset store.